A step by step do-it-yourself illustrated guide on how to remove Norelco Lift and Cut 'lifters' on your own in 10 minutes or less!

If you'd prefer, you can MAIL us your heads, and we can remove the lifts at no cost (see our home & FAQ pages for more information).

Important: This process is pretty simple, but MUST be done to ALL 3 heads! Depending on which model Norelco shaver you own, there are usually 15 blades per head, and EACH blade has its own 'lift' which needs to be removed: (15 blades x 3 heads = 45 lifts in total which need to be removed to render your shaver Kosher) - some of the newer Norelco models have less blades / lifts per head.


TheNorelco SmartTouch-XL and Speed-XL models have an inner ring of blades which do not have lifts, therefore only the outer ring needs the lifts removed.


PLEASE NOTE:Unfortunately some the new NORELCO ARCITEC SHAVERS CAN NOT be dismantled  to remove the lifts, therefore it can NOT be made Kosher - thus it CAN NOT BE USED. (EXCEPT for the NIVEA HS8420, 8060X, 8040X which the blades ARE removable)


Remember: If you have any questions, please email us!

Tools required: You can use any one of the following common household tools listed below in order of your preference / availability.

·Cuticle Scissor  ·Mini glasses pliers  ·Nose pliers  ·Tweezers  ·Nail clipper  ·Nail scissor

KosherShaver Step 1

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Remove the 3 blades from your shaver

Dismantle your shaver head (as if you were cleaning the individual heads) Do one head at a time, Norelco recommends you replace each blade with it's original comb.

KosherShaver Step 2

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Identify where's the lift on the head

Next to EACH blade there's a tiny piece of tin, that’s the "lift" that needs to be removed. There's one lift for every blade! The red arrows show the 'lifts', and the yellow outlines one of the lifts.

KosherShaver Step 3

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KosherShaver Step 3

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Grasp the lift, pull to remove

With your tool, and your fingers positioned on the head, grab onto the 'lift' at the lowest possible point (where it connects to the head), and pry it - (pull it towards you). It should come off, and should NOT leave any part of it behind. If it does, grasp it at the lowest point, and re-pry, until it's gone. Repeat until all the lifts on the head are removed.

KosherShaver Step 4

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Identify the 'lift' that you are removing

You will continue to remove the lifts one at a time until you removed ALL the lifts on the entire head. Repeat until ALL 3 heads are completely rid of the 'lifts'

KosherShaver Step 5

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Did you do it correctly?

When it's done correctly, if you look closely under the blades you will see a 'zigzag' of silver metal. Spin the head around& inspect the entire head for the 'zigzag' formation. Remember, any questions, please fell free to email us at

KosherShaver Step 6

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You're Done! ( After shot of what your KOSHER head now looks like)

Congratulations! YOU have just made your Norelco Lift & Cut Kosher!  Repeat until ALL 3 heads are completely rid of the 'lifts'. Now that you’re a pro, be Mezakeh your friend by removing HIS ‘lifts’!

Please help us improve this step-by-step guide by sending us your comments and suggestions to KosherShaver would like to thank R euven Fraser for all his time and expertise he has given us to make this illustrated guide possible. For all your graphic /web  design, layout, & photography needs at a very reasonable rate, please email him at:

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